IV Nutrient Therapy In Spring, TX

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At Edge Weight Loss & Fatigue, our focus is on balancing the body and providing our patients with the tools to understand their disease and fight it naturally.

Due to aging or illness, the body is not always able to absorb its required nutrients effectively. IV nutrient therapy infuses nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach, to deliver much higher doses of nutrients than typically could not be tolerated if ingested orally.

IV therapy allows therapeutic doses of nutrients to be administered for better absorption into the cells where it is needed. An aging chronically ill person often needs a boost that will allow the body to restore itself to its natural state of harmony and balance.

Vitamins such as C, Glutathione, and other customized nutrient therapies are available here at Edge Weight Loss & Fatigue! Come see us to restore your body’s natural vitality and balance!

Common illnesses and diseases treated with IV therapy include:

o Allergies

o Arthritis

o Asthma

o Autoimmune Disease

o Anxiety

o Cancer Therapy Support

o Celiac Disease

o Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

o Chronic Hives

o Depression

o Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes

o Erectile Dysfunction

o Gastrointestinal Disorders

o Fibromyalgia

o Hypertension

o Infectious Liver Diseases

o Macular Degeneration

o Migraines

o Multiple Sclerosis

o Neuropathy

o Overall Well Being

o Parkinson’s Disease

IV Therapies we offer are:

o Detox IV

o Demi-Detox IV

o High Dose Vitamin C

o Glutathione IV

o Heavy Metal Chelation IV

o Nutritional IV

o Triple Anti-oxidant (25 gram) IV


o Triple Anti-oxidant (50 gram) IV

o Weight Loss IV

o Hydration IV

o Ozone IV (with or without Ultra Violet Light)

o Arterial Chelation IV

o Nutrient Therapy IV