The Benefits of Vitamin D for Health & Weight Loss

    There are many benefits of Vitamin D, but most people don’t associate it with weight loss.  If you’re struggling with those last few pounds, or just want to boost your metabolism to encourage weight loss, a daily regimen of Vitamin D may be the jumpstart you need! The best way to ensure your […]

The Many Benefits of Vitamin E – Including Patients with Heart Attacks

    “One of the most effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents is vitamin E and its derivatives” sad Professor Karlheinz Pater, the Baker Institute’s Deputy Director, Basic and Translational Science and lead author of the recent study connecting vitamin E therapy given to patients after suffering a heart attack.  The treatment would begin as soon […]

Simple Tips to Reduce Saturated Fats from Your Diet

    If you are eating foods that are high in saturated fats, you may want to think about making some changes. The Scientific Advisory Committee released a study that found a direct link between saturated fat intake and the increased risk of cardiovascular disease/high cholesterol. Luckily, there are many ways you can cut saturated […]

Maximum Nutrition with Power Vegetables

    We are constantly reminded of the benefits of eating vegetables but choosing the right vegetables to eat can be daunting when combined with busy schedules and frantically choosing a healthy option. Below are a few suggestions to obtain the maximum amount of nutrients with a handful of vegetables that are sure to help […]

Zantac Recall While FDA Investigates Probable Carcinogen

    The manufacturer of the popular heart burn remedy Zantac has voluntarily recalled its drug from stores in the United States and Canada while the FDA continues an investigation about a possible carcinogen in the drug. “Due to inconsistencies in preliminary test results of the active ingredient used in the U.S. and Canadian products, […]

Cancers Associated with Obesity

  Most people are aware there are risks with obesity, but many do not know that being overweight and having obesity are linked with some cancers.  According to CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald, MD, “a majority of American adults weigh more than recommended – and being overweight or obese puts people at higher risk for a […]

Dairy Products and Cardiovascular Disease

    Dairy products are typically high in saturated fats, which are harmful to our health overall.  However, in a study of over 900,000 participants from several different countries over a period of 35 years, studying whether or not the consumption of dairy products increased the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, serious heart issues […]

Routine Blood Work Now Offered On-Site

    There’s no need to drive all over town any longer to have your routine blood work done!  Now you can have your labs drawn right here at Edge!  Whether you’re coming in for your consultation or needing to update your blood work to ensure optimal therapy, we won’t have to send you to […]

Microblading Flow Brows Now at Edge!

    What is Microblading FlowBrows? With all the new innovations in beauty and the desire to achieve a better appearance for both men and women, this advanced form of tattooing was originally developed in Europe and perfected in Brazil by Natalia Martins. Microblading uses a technique called micropigmentation, where microincisions are made in the […]

Edge Medical to Open in Tomball February 13, 2020

    Edge is expanding its brand with the opening of Edge Medical! With an innovative approach to medical care, the facility will open its doors to provide services to Tomball and surrounding communities on Thursday, February 13, 2020! With an innovative approach to medical care, Edge Medical will open its doors to provide services […]