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Mark W.

I never could gain muscle nor gain healthy weight but after being a patient here I have finally been able to accomplish my goals and feel the best I’ve ever felt.

Cliff H.

Great place with awesome staff. Robert is a genius and will have your body firing on all cylinders in no time!

Tammy M.

I am writing you as I sit on the airplane. I have not traveled in over a year. I would have to do it for work and I dreaded it. People would look at me, I would have anxiety that I would not be able to fit in the seat. Just the amount of anguish I would have having to be next to someone because of my size is a feeling I will never forget. Today I am fine I can even use the tray an not worry that my stomach will not let it lay flat. I have space between my shoulders. All of this is because of your philosophy, the team, and myself. I truely love seeing you all each time I come in. I asked for help and you have answered my call. Yes I have to work hard everyday but you have really helped support me along the way. I could cry right now I am so happy.

David H.

I got a referral from a friend, and I was skeptical at first. They met with me and went over everything they will perform as treatment. Just by my responses to his questions, Robert was able to estimate my hormone levels. Sure enough, after the full blood work came back, he was on the money. I started the process, which is the easiest process in the world by the way, and I have to say, I feel so much better. Stress, fatigue and low energy have all been fading as the treatment has progressed. There is one issue, however, my wife cannot keep me away from her! Also, I have to mention how great the staff is as well. I highly recommend them for people who are experiencing low energy, low libido, high fatigue, and unexplainable weight gain. Thanks Edge!

Virginia J.

I was touched by how sympathetic and understanding the staff at Edge were with my past medical history. They went over and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable. The really took extra time to care for my needs.

Amber W.

I am so grateful for Robert and his staff and how they go above and beyond to help. The IV infusions from Troy are an absolute must. He takes extra time to listen to his patients and help by suggesting the best treatment plan. I have saved money by listening to him. The entire staff at Edge makes sure you are taken care of and I can’t imagine going anywhere else with this type of service. The 1hr and 45min drive is totally worth it.

Bobbi E.

Since my husband and I turned 59 & 55, respectively, Robert and his staff have been our preventative maintenance health guru’s! They are extremely knowledgeable and straight forward in their approach. The monthly in-body and quarterly blood work have helped us stay focused and accountable in achieving/ maintaining our health goals! After 2.5 years we continue to be highly satisfied. We highly recommend Edge Weight Loss & Fatigue – It will Change. Your. Life.!

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